Cover of The Authoritarian Attempt to Capture Education

The Authoritarian Attempt to Capture Education

Papers from the 2nd Conference on The Scientific Spirit & Democratic Faith

Jerome Nathanson, Editor

This volume contains the proceedings of the second "Conference on the Scientific Spirit and Democratic Faith", held in 1944 at the Meeting House of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. Participants included philosophers, scientists, educators, and religious leaders who shared a deep concern for the future of free inquiry, and the belief that democracy and free inquiry are inseparable. These papers were published as they were presented, with some abridgements. They were written in the shadow of war and fascism, and remain important today.

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  • Contributors and participants included Edwin Burtt, John Dewey, Irwin Edelman, Horace Friess, Sidney Hook, Abba Lerner, Alain Locke, Arthur Murphy, and Charles W. Morris.

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    · ISBN 978-1-63435-037-2 · Published 1945 by King's Crown Press ·
    · 1 volume · Proceedings of 1944 conference · Print copies not available ·

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