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1. Philosophical Inquiry: Volume > 43 > Issue: 1/2
Livio Rossetti Parmenide ‘Astronomo’ e ‘Biologo’
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Was Parmenides a distinguished ‘astronomer’ and ‘biologist’ other than the great ‘philosopher’ he has been unanimously considered from the times of Plato onwards? Many admirers of the ‘philosopher’ are not just refractory to consider this possibility: they simply ignore what Parmenides was able to discover in the additional domains I have just mentioned. But he was great as an ‘astronomer’ and a ‘biologist’ too, probably not less great than as a ‘philosopher’.The aim of this paper is to supply the basic information about Parmenides' achievements in these domains (thus about the discovery of the sphericity of earth as well as the physiological bases of homosexuality, plus a number of further areas of investigation), that were of the highest order, I presume.Presocratic Philosophy and ‟Natural Theology”
2. Philosophical Inquiry: Volume > 37 > Issue: 1/2
Carlo Natali L' amicizia secondo Aristotele philia