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1. Philotheos: Volume > 16
Bogoljub Šijaković Ново издање Ибервегове Историје философије и Кант у средишту
2. Philotheos: Volume > 6
Душан Крцуновић Космогонски реализам Тимејеве „вјероватне приче“
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This paper deals with the reasons for literal interpretation of Plato’s Timaeus (Aristoteles) against non-literal (Speusippus and Xenocrates). Its starting point is “dichotomy” between poetry (mythos) and philosophy that we can find, as well, in some commentary on the Genesis of Moses. But, instead dichotomy here is suggested some kind of iterative reading: the Timaeus of Plato is the poetry because God’s act of creation is the poetry, too. Artistic elements in this dialogue of Plato are in the function of his cosmogonical realism. It is supported with the thesis that the purpose of Plato’s Timaeus is not pedagogical or didactical, but soteriological; its aim is salvation of man.
3. Philotheos: Volume > 9
Neven Cvetićanin Postmoderno doba i postmaterijalističke vrednosti
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The Essay is describing one of the most important structural changes that are brought by post modern age comparing the classical modernism. That structural change is recognised in eruption of so called post materialistic values that are obvious in the fact that in post modern age major requirement becomes the requirement for recognising and identity, what results creating new post modern identities as specific combination of traditional forms of identities and some new forms discovered in the meantime. The eruption of post materialistic values is witnessed by the peace between civil (democratic) society and conventional religions after The World War II, which gives the new post modern identity to the epoch. The promotion of post materialistic values is among the social movements contributed also by research results of so called positive, related to natural sciences, and that new specific reality of science in practice will be recognised in two new modern paradigms – general relativity and quant mechanics. Finally, the Essay is coming to conclusion that in the phenomenon of post materialistic values the era of new post modern «enchantment» is visible and is opposite to the Weber’s modernistic «un enchantment» (Entzauberung) of reality.