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1. Heidegger Studies: Volume > 37
Nicoletta Cusano Sulla critica di Carnap al Nichts heideggeriano
2. Heidegger Studies: Volume > 37
Riccardo Berutti Omaggio a Emanuele Severino: un ritratto
3. Heidegger Studies: Volume > 38
Giacomo Borbone Rottura o continuità? Il «Platone» di Heidegger dal corso sul Sofista alla «svolta»
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Heidegger, in the writings of the so-called “turn” [Kehre] attributes to Plato a capital role in the history of philosophy, namely that of founder of metaphysics understood as the history of the oblivion of being. Yet, in his course on the Sophist (1924-25) Heidegger had not yet made such negative judgments. Is this double image of Plato that we can derive from Heideggerian writings the result of a rupture or is there perhaps a continuity? In this contribution I will show the continuity, even if it is accompanied by a rather critical judgment on Plato’s role as the founder of Western metaphysics.