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141. Semiotics: 1991
Jean Alter Cleaning Up Signs in Theatre and Elsewhere
142. Semiotics: 1991
Ralph A. Powell Mechanist Justice Limits U.S. Politics
143. Semiotics: 1991
Norma Procopiow Are We Doing Semiotics Yet?
144. Semiotics: 1991
Thomas W. Kniesche Dynamic Duels: Sign versus mark in Kleist
145. Semiotics: 1991
Wolf Kittler Declarations of War
146. Semiotics: 1991
Lajos Elkan Michaux’s Mouvements
147. Semiotics: 1991
Charls Pearson An Application of the Universal Sign Structure Theory To Understanding the Modes of Reasoning
148. Semiotics: 1991
Sandra E. Moriarty A Comparison of Reader Response with Informed Author/Viewer Analysis
149. Semiotics: 1991
Myrdene Anderson Between the Sheets (Part I): Bibliographic Voice Incorporating Scale, Grain, Noise
150. Semiotics: 1991
Robert S. Corrington Peirce’s Melancholy
151. Semiotics: 1991
Phyllis Passariello Informed Impressions: Cumulative Ethnography and the Anthropologist as Tourist
152. Semiotics: 1991
Angela Della Volpe Cohesiveness in Aphasia
153. Semiotics: 1991
Elisabeth Weber Willfulness--Eigensinn
154. Semiotics: 1991
James Jakób Liszka Speculative Rhetoric and Universal Pragmatics
155. Semiotics: 1991
Tracey D. Hagan Drawn by Desire: A Study of the Female Image in Modern Art History
156. Semiotics: 1991
Dali Tan Post-colonial Discourse and The Handmaid’s Tale
157. Semiotics: 1991
Edward S. Petry. Jr. From Uncritical to Critical Realism: Peircean Semeiotics and the Critique of Reasoning
158. Semiotics: 1991
Júlio Jéha Reference to Nonexistent Beings
159. Semiotics: 1991
John E. Miller Fact and Interpretation in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little Town” Novels
160. Semiotics: 1991
Susan Derwin Calorie Wars: Media, masochism and the Female Body