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161. Semiotics: 1991
Shea Zellweger Cognitive Frames, Cognitive Overload, and Mind-Held Diagrams in Logic
162. Semiotics: 1991
Michael R. Molino Tradition(s) and the Individual Talents: Voices From Within (the poetry of Auden and Yeats)
163. Semiotics: 1991
William Pencak Peirce-suing Plato: The Republic as a Semiotic Society
164. Semiotics: 1991
Jianming Gong Is the Meaning of a Work Exhaustible?
165. Semiotics: 1991
Scott Simpkins The Outer Limits: Eco’s Prescriptivist Semiotics
166. Semiotics: 1991
Laurence A. Rickels PoMo Diplomacy: Vampirism, Espionage, and the Genealogy of Psychological Warfare
167. Semiotics: 1991
John Deely The Verb “To Be” and the Copula
168. Semiotics: 1991
Mikle D. Ledgerwood The Semiosis of the Superman
169. Semiotics: 1991
Richard L. Lanigan Thomas D’Aquin and the Semiotic Phenomenology of Discourse at the Universite de Paris
170. Semiotics: 1991
Thomas F. Broden Greimas, Peirce and French Theory
171. Semiotics: 1991
Benedict Ashley Astronomy as a Liberal Arts
172. Semiotics: 1991
David Lidov Rethinking the Fine Arts from a Semiotic Perspective
173. Semiotics: 1991
Masako Hiraga Iconic Meanings of Visual Repetition in Poetry
174. Semiotics: 1991
W. John Coletta The Signing Action of Nature: The Metaindex, Evolutionary Epistemology, and the Ecological and Evolutionary Origins of Metaphor
175. Semiotics: 1991
Sigrid Berka Eating Novalis
176. Semiotics: 1991
John K. Sheriff The Experience of a Literary Text from a Peircean Perspective
177. Semiotics: 1991
Mark Bandas Nature Musing
178. Semiotics: 1991
Monica Rector Semantic and Semiotic Interpretation of Ponge’s “The Oyster”
179. Semiotics: 1991
Terry Prewitt Geometry and the Hidden Algorithm of Discourse
180. Semiotics: 2002
Robert Philen Identity and Non-Identity among Men who have Sex with Men