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201. Semiotics: 2002
John Deely Ne Suffit Jamais un Corps pour Faire un Signe
202. Semiotics: 2002
Max Bonilla Hermeneutics of the Bible Belt: Struggles in Interpretation
203. Semiotics: 2002
204. Semiotics: 2002
Helen Richards Advice to a "Girl": An Examination of Women's Roles in Jamaica Kincaid's Story
205. Semiotics: 2002
Mary Lowe-Evans As the Jewel Turns: "The Speckled Band" and the Empirical Crown Sherlock Holmes and the Politics of Empire
206. Semiotics: 2011
Chad Hansen World-Views in the History of Ideas
207. Semiotics: 2011
William P. Dougherty Signs in Song: An Analysis of a Schubert Lied
208. Semiotics: 2011
Adam Ferguson Signifying the Digital Queer: Identity Within and Beyond Pragmaticism
209. Semiotics: 2011
Margaret Williamson Huber Analogical Classification in the Wizarding World
210. Semiotics: 2011
Irene Portis-Winner The Dynamics of World View
211. Semiotics: 2011
Rolf-Dieter Hepp Precarity and Employment: Social Fragility, Precarity And the Increase of Atypical Work and Living Conditions – Their Relation, Mutual Influence and Impact on Social Structure in Europe
212. Semiotics: 2011
Charls Pearson Some Design Principles for Creating Semiotics Experiments
213. Semiotics: 2011
Maria Giulia Dondero Diagrammatic Experiement in Mathematics and in Works of Art
214. Semiotics: 2011
Gila Safran Naveh From Performance to New Perception and Empowerment: Jewish Salons
215. Semiotics: 2011
Dora Ivonne Alvarez Tamayo The Semiotic Marketing Applied to Design of Integrated Graphic Communication Systems. A Methodological Model for Interdisciplinary Work
216. Semiotics: 2011
Cameron Kunzelman Pain Can Go Both Ways: The Politics of Comic Book Violence
217. Semiotics: 2011
Navjotika Kumar Eco-Memorial: Richard Misrach’s ‘Bravo 20’ National Park
218. Semiotics: 2011
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219. Semiotics: 2011
Nanta Novello Paglianti Ethnographic Photography – Between Text, Experience and Practice
220. Semiotics: 2011
Farouk Y. Seif Orcid-ID From the Absolute to Metamorphoses: Egypt at the Epicenter of Transmodernity