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1. Augustinianum: Volume > 1 > Issue: 2
M. Agterberg Campenhausen, Freih. Hans von, Griechische Kirchenväter – Lateinische Kirchenväter
2. Augustinianum: Volume > 1 > Issue: 2
J. Cornelissen Halecki, Oskar, Grenzraum des Abendlandes
3. Augustinianum: Volume > 1 > Issue: 3
Giulio Prosperi Cahiers d’Etudes Biologiques: Les origines de l’Homme
4. Augustinianum: Volume > 12 > Issue: 2
R. Le Déaut Gerard J. Kuiper, The Pseudo-Jonathan Targum and its Relationship to Targum Onkelos
5. Augustinianum: Volume > 13 > Issue: 1
A. Hamman Henri Crouzel, L’église primitive face au divorce
6. Augustinianum: Volume > 15 > Issue: 3
J. M. Guirau A. G. Hamman, Jacques-Paul Migne: Le retour aux Pères de l’Église
7. Augustinianum: Volume > 26 > Issue: 3
Kari E. Børresen Pier Angelo Gramaglia, Tertulliano. De virginibus velandis. La condizione femminile nelle prime comunità cristiane
8. Augustinianum: Volume > 27 > Issue: 1/2
Prosper Grech Reinhard Bodenmann, Naissance d’une Exégèse: Daniel dans l’Église ancienne des trois premiers siècles.
9. Augustinianum: Volume > 27 > Issue: 3
F. Rilliet L. Leloir, Êcrits apocryphes sur les apôtres
10. Augustinianum: Volume > 27 > Issue: 3
Jean Mallet Ernesto Valgiglio, Le antiche versioni latine del Nuovo Testamento. Fedeltà e aspetti grammaticali
11. Augustinianum: Volume > 28 > Issue: 3
J. Mallet Les Constitutions apostoliques, tomes II (livres III-VI) et III (livres VII-VIII). Introduction, texte critique, traduction et notes par Marcel Metzger
12. Augustinianum: Volume > 3 > Issue: 1
M. Robillard Descouvemont, P. Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant-Jésus et son prochain
13. Augustinianum: Volume > 3 > Issue: 1
Georges de Plinval Gavigan, J.-J., O. S. A., De vita monastica in Africa Septentrionali inde a temporibus S. Augustini usque ad invasiones Arabum
14. Augustinianum: Volume > 3 > Issue: 1
J. King Pascal, Blaise, Textes Inédits
15. Augustinianum: Volume > 3 > Issue: 1
J.-J. Gavigan Bihlmeyer, C.-H. Tüchle, Histoire de l’eglise, Tome I: l’antiquité chretienne
16. Augustinianum: Volume > 3 > Issue: 2
G. de Plinval Pirenne, Roger, CICM, La Morale de Pélage
17. Augustinianum: Volume > 30 > Issue: 1
Henri Crouzel Pedro Langa, San Agustin y el progreso de la teologia matrimonial
18. Augustinianum: Volume > 61 > Issue: 1
Paul Mattei Corpus Christianorum Series Latina LXXVI-LXXVI A bis 1. Sancti Hieronymi Presbyteri Opera. Commentarii in Prophetas minores. Commentarius in Abacuc, cura et studio Sincero Mantelli
19. Augustinianum: Volume > 61 > Issue: 1
Paul Mattei Jérémy Delmulle, Prosper d’Aquitaine contre Jean Cassien. Le Contra collatorem, l’appel à Rome du parti augustinien dans la querelle postpélagienne
20. Augustinianum: Volume > 61 > Issue: 2
Paul Mattei À propos d’une récente édition princeps
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A critical review of the editio princeps of the Liber Timothei episcopi de Pascha recently published by Pierre Chambert-Protat and Camille Gerzaguet in the coll. Sources chrétiennes. The article questions the editors’ thesis, at length developed in the Introduction, that the text is only the Latin translation, also known by Gregorius of Elvira and St. Augustine, of a Greek treatise apparently due to one Timothy, bishop of Cybistra in Cappadocia during the first half of the IVth century (the translation would be a little later: the original and the version as well ought to be situated around the time of Nicaea, which applied to fixing the Easter date). It tries to show that this thesis, although not implausible, is not however as strong as its promoters imagine, and that several of their arguments are to be rejected or at least to be qualified. This discussion, which forms the main part of the article, is supplemented by two lists of proposed corrections: the first deals with the Latin text and the second, in an appendix, with its French translation.