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Essays in Philosophy

A Biannual Journal

Ramona Ilea, Editor

Essays in Philosophy publishes original articles and reviews that contribute to the scholarly literature on topics in philosophy, applied ethics, and public policy. It holds no specific school of thought, and welcomes a wide range of perspectives to foster thoughtful and inclusive discussion. Previous topics include Climate Ethics, the Philosophy of Memory, War and Moral Psychology, Philosophy & Gun Control, and Collective Responsibility. This peer-reviewed journal is now published by the Philosophy Documentation Center, in cooperation with Pacific University.

  • Online First (forthcoming articles)
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  • Contributors include Adam Cureton, Shane Epting, Andrew Fiala, Cynthia Freeland, Polycarp Ikuenobe, Serene Khader, Joseph Levine, José Medina, Duncan Pritchard, Gabriela Remow, Elizabeth Shaw, and Alan Soble.

    · ISSN 1526-0569 (online) · Biannual · Now published by PDC ·
    · Online only · Includes vol.1 (2000) to present · Open Access ·

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