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Ethics & Medics publishes moral analysis, argument, and opinion concerning advances in the health and life sciences. Articles are faithful to the Catholic moral tradition and its official teaching, but this is not a publication of the Catholic Church. Authors are responsible for the opinions and arguments advanced in their articles. Our readers are clergy, medical professionals, administrative health care personnel, teachers, lawyers, students, and interested Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Complete information about submission criteria is available at

Manuscripts that meet these submission criteria will be reviewed by the editorial team. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria will be returned to the author with a list of requested adjustments. Once the manuscript is revised, it may be resubmitted for consideration.

After review the editor in chief will inform authors if their manuscript is accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected. Accepted articles will proceed to copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading. All submitted articles are copyedited at the NCBC.

All editorial changes are reviewed with the author prior to publication; we do not publish articles without final author approval. Whenever agreement between editor and author cannot be reached, the article either will be returned to the author or temporarily set aside pending further discussion.