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Filosofska Dumka

Філософська думка / Philosophical Thought

Anatolii Yermolenko and Serhii Yosypenko, Chief Editors

Filosofska Dumka (Philosophical Thought) is a leading philosophical journal in Ukraine. It publishes original papers in all philosophical fields, materials to advance philosophical discussions, and reviews and critical discussions of books, descriptions of books. It is the journal of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

  • Open Access (no login required)
  • Filosofska Dumka was relaunched in 1998 and is now an open access publication. Additional access is also provided by the Philosophy Documentation Center.

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    • Філософська і соціологічна думка (1989-1997)
    • Філософська думка: орган Інстітуту філософії (1969-1988)

    · ISSN 2522-9338 (print) · Quarterly (beginning 2021) · Open Access ·
    · ISSN 2522-9346 (online) · Access will include available issues ·

    For more information contact us by phone 800-444-2419 or 434-220-3300, by fax 434-220-3301; or by e-mail [email protected].