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International Directory of Philosophy

An Essential Reference Database for Philosophers Everywhere!


We are updating listings in the International Directory of Philosophy database and preparing the 18th print ediiton of the International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers. Published listings include:

  • college or university departments / programs
  • college or university philosophers at all levels
  • trained philosophers not affiliated with a university philosophy department
  • philosophical journals
  • professional philosophy societies / associations
  • philosophy research centers / institutes
  • philosophy publishers
  • Check our Submission Guideliness for an overview of entires in each category. All listings are free.

    Information About Philosophers

    In addition to complete contact information for college or university philosophy departments, we try to collect the following information on all members of your staff who teach philosophy as their primary subject:

  • Last name, First name
  • Highest degree earned
  • Current academic position
  • Office phone number
  • Email address
  • Personal website (if available)
  • Personal photograph (dimensions: 110-150 pixels horiz. x 170-180 pixels vert.)
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Wikipedia URL
  • Social media link
  • Up to 3 philosophical specialties (list of specialties)
  • All information is ONLY used for this Directory. We do not share e-mail addresses for any purpose.

    Update your Listing

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