Cover of Philosophy Through Teaching

Philosophy Through Teaching

A Commemorative Anthology from the American Association of Philosophy Teachers

Edited by Emily Esch, Kevin Hermberg, and Rory E. Kraft, Jr.

This volume is a celebration of philosophy teaching published on the occasion of the twentieth biennial Workshop-Conference of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers. It contains five articles from the journal Teaching Philosophy that each received the AAPT's Lenssen Prize, multiple commentaries on each article, and authors’ reflections. It is dedicated to the founders, leaders, members, and future of the association.

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  • Contributors include Deborah Barnbaum, James Campbell, Daryl Close, David Concepción, John Immerwahr, Rosalind Ekman Ladd , John Rudisill, Renée J. Smith, Wendy C. Turgeon, and Arnold Wilson.


    • Foreword
      - Betsy Newell Decyk
    • Introduction
      - Michael J. Cholbi

    Chapter 1: Teaching and the Profession of Philosophy

    • The Ambivalence Toward Teaching in the Early Yearsof the American Philosophical Association
      - James Campbell
    • Teaching Sucks Hind Teat at the APA: Comments on James Campbell
      - Arnold Wilson
    • Ambivalence About Teaching: Then and Now
      - Rosalind Ekman Ladd
    • The Ambivalence Toward the Purpose of Teaching Philosophy in our Community
      - Peter Bradley
    • Philosophy and Teaching Philosophy
      - James Campbell
    Chapter 2: Fostering Dispositions
    • Teaching Empathy in Medical Ethics: The Use of “Lottery Assignments”
      - Deborah R. Barnbaum
    • Exercises in Empathy: Commentary on Barnbaum
      - Cathleen Muller
    • Assessing Empathy Learning Outcomes
      - Donna Engelmann
    • Cultivating Empathic Moral Imagination: Commentary on Barnbaum
      - Martin Benjamin
    • Teaching Empathy in Medical Ethics, Twelve Years Later
      - Deborah R. Barnbaum
    Chapter 3: The Role of Metacognition
    • Reading Philosophy with Background Knowledge and Metacognition
      - David W. Concepción
    • Scaffolding Deep Reading Instruction
      - Renée J. Smith
    • Concepción’s Approach to Reading Philosophy: A Lesson on How, and Why, to Teach Essential Philosophical Skills
      - Andrew P. Mills
    • On Reading the History of Philosophy:
      Comments on David Concepción’s “Reading Philosophy with Background Knowledge and Metacognition”
      - Russell Marcus
    • Engaging Novices: Transparent Alignment, Flow, and Controlled Failure
      - David W. Concepción
    Chapter 4: Ethical Grading Practices
    • Fair Grades
      - Daryl Close
    • What Students Deserve: A Grading Policy that Supports Learning
      - Jennifer McCrickerd
    • Grades: Definitive Picture or Just a Snapshot?
      - John Immerwahr
    • Fair Grades and Inter-Instructor Grading Consistency
      - Stephen J. Finn
    • Reflections on Fair Grades
      - Daryl Close
    Chapter 5: Program Design and Assessment
    • The Transition from Studying Philosophy to Doing Philosophy
      - John Rudisill
    • Broadening a Philosophy Program’s Assessment Focus: Goals, Evidence, and Alignment
      - Chris Mayer
    • Subtexts and Important Lessons from Rudisill: Philosophical Thinking and the Liberal Arts Education
      - Wendy C. Turgeon
    • Doing Philosophy—The Sooner The Better
      - M.J. Mulnix and Jennifer Wilson Mulnix
    • Reply to Turgeon, Mayer, and Mulnix and Mulnix
      - John Rudisill

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