Cover of Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy

Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy

1997 Edition - Published in collaboration with the American Philosophical Association

Eric Hoffman, Editor

This edition of the Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy contained brief essays on the preparation and submission of work in philosophy, including essays on publishing in journals, publishing monographs, and electronic publishing. It was intended to help graduate students just beginning to publish as well as experienced scholars with established publishing records. It filled the niche created by the 1986 edition prepared by Janice Moulton and Marcia Yudkin. The 1997 edition was published in collaboration with the American Philosophical Association.


  • Preface
    - Eric Hoffman
  • The Perils of Publishing
    - Sam Gorovitz
  • On Avoiding Rejection by Journals
    - Nancy Simco
  • Presenting Work and Delivering Papers
    - Thomas Magnell
  • APA Paper Submission Guidelines
  • General Advice About Book Publishing
    - Marcia Yudkin & Janice Moulton
  • Electronic Publishing and Philosophy
    - Francis Crawley
  • Beyond the Ivory Tower: Publishing in Newspapers and Magazines
    - Marcia Yudkin
  • Resources for Writing and Publishing in Philosophy
    - Francis Crawley
  • Listing of Philosophy Journals and Publishers

A new edition of the Guidebook is planned. More information will be available on this site once the editorial team is in place.

· ISBN-13 978-0-912632-62-9 · ISBN 0-912632-62-3 · Published May 1997 · Paperback · 256 pages · Out of Print ·