Cover of Well-Being and Ill-Being

Well-Being and Ill-Being

Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Volume 46

Gwen Bradford, Guest Editor

This volume explores the puzzles and the surprising challenges of explaining ill-being in philosophical terms. It includes contributions from many of the main proponents of the various theories of well-being and new voices who explain how particular theories can best account for ill-being and its challenges. The collection spans many of the main approaches to well-being, as well as other undertheorized questions, issues, and insights arising from philosophical reflection on the nature of well-being and ill-being.

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  • Well-Being and Ill-Being was published as volume 46 of Midwest Studies in Philosophy. Contributors include Cheryl Abbate, Anne Baril, Gwen Bradford, Ben Bramble, Teresa Bruno-Niño, Roger Crisp, Colin DeYoung, Dale Dorsey, Guy Fletcher, Molly Gardner, Jennifer Hawkins, Chris Heathwood, Antti Kauppinen, Anthony Kelley, Jason Raibley, Valerie Tiberius, and Christopher Woodard.

    · ISBN 97816343-0785 · Published February 2023 · Paperback · 402 pages · $45 ·
    · Note: online access to this volume is included with Midwest Studies in Philosophy ·