Cover of Justice: Social, Criminal, Juvenile

Justice: Social, Criminal, Juvenile

Social Philosophy Today, Volume 34

Zachary Hoskins and Joan Woolfrey, Editors

This volume of Social Philosophy Today contains a selection of papers presented at the 34th International Social Philosophy Conference (2017), an annual event sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy. The theme of the conference was "Justice: Social, Criminal, Juvenile"; this volume invites wider discussion of the issues explored at the conference. Contributors include Lisa Guenther, Abigail Gosselin, Irene Ortiz, Tommie Shelby, Chloë Taylor, and Larry Udell. This volume is available online and in paperback print format.

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  • "Social Philosophy Today is a unique outlet for careful, critical scholarship in various fields of practical ethics. Scholars who read or publish in this series agree with Socrates that philosophy is crucial to resolution of real life issues."
    -- Mary B. Mahowald, University of Chicago

    · ISBN: 978-1-63435-040-2 · Published August 2018 · Paperback · 190 pages, 13 contributions · $40 ·
    · ISSN 1543-4044 (print) · Online access to this volume included with Social Philosophy Today ·