Cover of Transparency, Information and Communication Technology

Transparency, Information and Communication Technology

Social Responsibility and Accountability in Business and Education

Antonino Vaccaro, Hugo Horta, and Peter Madesen, Editors

This volume contains papers originally presented at the ICT, Transparency and Social Responsibility conference held at the School of Business and Economics of the Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal in 2007. It includes thoughtful discussion of many facets of transparency and corporate responsibility, including the philosophical foundation of transparency understood as an ethical virtue, the impact of information and communication technologies on organizational transparency, the role of transparency in organizational accountability, and the importance of transparency in institutions of higher education. The conference was organized by the new Center for Ethics, Business and Economics at the School of Business and Economics of the Catholic University of Lisbon and by Carnegie Mellon University.



  • John Elia, Transparency and the Right to Know
  • Ronnie Cohen & Janine S. Hiller, The Transparency Illusion
  • Gonçalo Jorge Morais da Costa & Mary Prior & Simon Rogerson, Will the Evolution of ICT Ethics Engage Organizational Transparency?
  • Antonino Vaccaro & Peter Madsen, ICT and an NGO: Difficulties in Attempting to be Extremely Transparent
  • Clara Saraiva & Patrícia Dias, Second Life: A Second Chance for Transparency and Social Responsibility?
  • Matteo Turilli & Luciano Floridi, The Ethics of Information Transparency


  • João César das Neves, Ethical Reasons for Ethical Behaviors
  • Silvia King & Christopher Miller, Transparency as the Nexus Between CSR and Financial and Business Model Performance: A Lesson for Management
  • Sáez-Morán Oscar & Gracia Navarro & Pablo Sáez, Towards a Standardized Social Responsability Balance Sheet
  • Anna-Maria Schneider & Stefan Stieglitz & Christoph Lattemann, Social Software as an Instrument of CSR
  • Gonçalo Paiva Dias & José Manuel Moreira, Transparency, Corruption and ICT (Illustrated with Portuguese Cases)
  • Junwei Shi & Haiyan Fu, Being More Transparent? Evidence of Corporate Information Disclosure from Transitional China
  • W. Michael Hoffman & Mark Rowe, Internal Ethical Communication and Transparency: The Role of the Corporate Ethics Officer


  • Lewis Elton, University Governance – Unintended Consequences and Ethical Concerns
  • Alberto Amaral & António Magalhães, Market Competition, Social Accountability and Institutional Strategies
    Hugo Horta & Antonino Vaccaro, ICT, Transparency and Proactivity: Finding a Way for Higher Education Institutions to Regain Public Trust
  • David Shulenburger & Christine Keller & Peter McPherson, Development of a Public Universities and Colleges Voluntary System of Accountability for Undergraduate Education (VSASM)
  • Anna Pobol, Transparency of the High Education System in the Transformation Economy of Belarus
  • Donna J. Wood & Adele Queiroz, Information vs. Knowledge: Transparency and Social Responsibility Issues for Wikipedia
  • Bernd Klingsporn & Stefan Hornbostel, Scientific Authorship between Social Capital and Ethical Commitment
  • Radhika Rajagopalan & Runa Sarkar, Ethics, Social Capital and a Digital Ecosystem: A Case Review

William McBride is the Arthur G. Hansen Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University.

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