Cover of Teaching Philosophy (anthology)

Teaching Philosophy (anthology)

A Continuum Anthology from Bloomsbury Publishing

Andrea Kenkmann, Editor

Teaching Philosophy presents work from an international team of contributors who share a commitment to make the teaching of philosophy a higher priority on the academic agenda. It offers practical guidance and advice for philosophy teachers, and suggests ways in which the teaching of philosophy to undergraduates might be facilitated. Some of the essays in this book place the emphasis on individual self discovery, others focus on the wider political context, many offer practical ideas for enhancing the teaching of philosophy through exercises that engage students in unconventional ways. The integration of students' views provides a reminder that teaching is not a one-way process, but a cooperative project that succeeds with a shared sense of achievement amongst participants.

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  • · ISBN-13: 978-1-8470-6244-4 · ISBN-10: 1-8470-6244-X · Published April 2009 by Continuum Books ·
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