Cover of Congrès International de Philosophie, IIme session

Congrès International de Philosophie, IIme session

Tenue à Genève du 4 au 8 Septembre 1904

Édouard Claparède, Secrétaire général du Congrès

The second International Congress of Philosophy was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1904. It was sponsored by the Permanent International Organizing Committee, with support from the University of Geneva. The Congrès International de Philosophie, IIme session was published as a single volume with contributions in French, German, and Italian. It includes the addresses from the plenary sessions, section papers, and transcripts of discussions, as well as documents relating to the organization of the Congress.

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  • Contributors include Henri Bergson, Émile Boutroux, Louis Couturat, Pierre Duhem, Théodore Flournoy, Xavier Léon, Vilfredo Pareto, René de Saussure, Henryk Struve, and Wilhelm Windelband.

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    · ISBN-13: 978-1-63435-018-1 · Originally published 1905 by Henry Kündig ·
    · 1 volume · Includes list of participants and the conference program · Open Access ·

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