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Essays from the Outis Project on Deception

Paul Majkut and Alberto J. L. Carrillo Canán, Editors

This anthology is the result research sponsored by the Society for Phenomenology and Media. It includes papers delivered at international meetings of the Outis Project on Deception at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland (2002), Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2003), Jyväskylä University and the Haaga Institute, Helsinki, Finland (2005), and National University, San Diego, California (2006, 2007). They were originally published in the journal of the project, Outis: Deception. Topics and approaches range widely.

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  • The title of the Project was taken from Odysseus’ deceptive reply to Polyphemous while imprisoned in the Cyclops’ cave. When Polyphemous asks Odysseus his name, he replies, “Outis" (nobody). The Project was inspired by questions posed in Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations: How far can the transcendental ego be deceived about himself? And how far do those components extend that are indubitable, in spite of such possible deception?

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